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                  (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths)

What is STEM? 
STEM is a focus on Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths in schools. In 2016, the Minister for Education and Skills, Richard Bruton, launched an expert report on education in Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) in Irish schools. He set out a programme to deliver on the ambition of making Ireland a world-leader at providing STEM education.
Why is STEM important?
STEM is important because it pervades every aspect of our lives. Science is everywhere in the world around us. Technology is continuously expanding into every aspect of our lives. Engineering is the basic designs of roads and bridges, but also tackles the challenges of changing global weather and environmentally-friendly changes to our homes. Maths is in every occupation and every activity we do in our lives.
By exposing our students to STEM and giving them opportunities to explore STEM-related concepts, they will become innovative & critical thinkers. Their maths and science skills will also benefit through this hands-on, experimental learning.
Please keep an eye on this page for regular updates on our STEM related activities. 





Ms Devine's sixth class enjoyed their Science Experiments. 


Science Experiments.

  • Sept-2019-19.jpg
  • Sept-2019-20.jpg
  • Sept-2019-22.jpg
  • Sept-2019-24.jpg
  • Sept-2019-25.jpg
  • Sept-2019-26.jpg
  • Sept-2019-27.jpg
  • Sept-2019-28.jpg
  • Sept-2019-29.jpg



Ms Devine's Engineering Challenge 2109

  • 2019-02-26-May-2019-003.jpg
  • 2019-03-06-May-2019-001.jpg
  • 2019-03-06-May-2019-003.jpg
  • 2019-03-06-May-2019-004.jpg
  • 2019-03-06-May-2019-005.jpg
  • 2019-03-06-May-2019-009.jpg
  • 2019-03-06-May-2019-011.jpg
  • 2019-03-08-May-2019-001.jpg
  • 2019-03-08-May-2019-004.jpg
  • 2019-03-08-May-2019-006.jpg
  • 2019-03-08-May-2019-007.jpg
  • 2019-03-08-May-2019-009.jpg
  • 2019-03-08-May-2019-011.jpg
  • 2019-03-08-May-2019-013.jpg








Sixth Class Spaghetti Tower Challenge.

  • 2019-01-31-May-2019-001.jpg
  • 2019-01-31-May-2019-002.jpg
  • 2019-01-31-May-2019-003.jpg
  • 2019-01-31-May-2019-004.jpg
  • 2019-01-31-May-2019-005.jpg
  • 2019-01-31-May-2019-006.jpg
  • 2019-01-31-May-2019-007.jpg
  • 2019-01-31-May-2019-008.jpg
  • 2019-01-31-May-2019-009.jpg
  • 2019-01-31-May-2019-011.jpg
  • 2019-01-31-May-2019-012.jpg
  • 2019-01-31-May-2019-013.jpg
  • 2019-01-31-May-2019-014.jpg
  • 2019-01-31-May-2019-015.jpg
  • 2019-01-31-May-2019-016.jpg
  • 2019-01-31-May-2019-017.jpg




Computer coding in Ms Devine's class

  • 20190308_101146.jpg
  • 20190308_101151.jpg
  • 20190308_101157.jpg
  • 20190308_101546.jpg
  • 20190308_102133.jpg
  • 20190308_102148.jpg
  • 20190308_102153.jpg
  • 20190308_102601.jpg
  • 20190308_102627.jpg
  • 20190308_102634.jpg
  • 20190308_102655.jpg


The president of the Computer Science Teachers Association asked us to write an article for their magazine. We wrote about our experiences with the Hour of Code. We were very proud to see our articles and our screen grabs of our coding published in this magazine. Click onto the magazine link to read our published articles



re na riomheolas 7

Click here to view the Ré na Ríomheolas Issue 7



As part of our STEM activities for Engineers Week 2019, Ms Devine’s class will participate in the 2019 Fluor Engineering Challenge. Each team has to use limited materials to build a pair of simple devices that work together like a volleyball machine. The volley ball machine has to be able to launch a ping pong ball over a net. The goal is to send the ping pong ball back and forth over the net without touching the ground.


The Planning Process begins.


IMG 8505







IMG 8507

IMG 8506








abbie code


Taking our Pulse and Blood Pressure Testing.

  • Oct-2018-001.jpg
  • Oct-2018-002.jpg
  • Oct-2018-003.jpg
  • Oct-2018-039.jpg
  • Oct-2018-040.jpg
  • Oct-2018-041.jpg
  • Oct-2018-042.jpg
  • Oct-2018-043.jpg
  • Oct-2018-044.jpg
  • Oct-2018-045.jpg
  • Oct-2018-046.jpg
  • Oct-2018-048.jpg
  • Oct-2018-049.jpg
  • Oct-2018-050.jpg
  • Oct-2018-051.jpg
  • Oct-2018-052.jpg
  • Oct-2018-054.jpg
  • Oct-2018-055.jpg

 Ms Devine brought some blood pressure monitors and stethoscopes to our classroom. We had great fun learning how to use them. Angela and Sharon came to visit our classroom and we took their blood pressure too.



Sixth class Learn it Lego Workshop.

  • 2018-11-19-Dec--2018-016.jpg
  • 2018-11-19-Dec--2018-017.jpg
  • 2018-11-19-Dec--2018-018.jpg
  • 2018-11-19-Dec--2018-024.jpg
  • 2018-11-19-Dec--2018-026.jpg
  • 2018-11-19-Dec--2018-028.jpg
  • 2018-11-19-Dec--2018-029.jpg
  • 2018-11-19-Dec--2018-030.jpg
  • 2018-11-19-Dec--2018-031.jpg
  • 2018-11-19-Dec--2018-036.jpg
  • 2018-11-19-Dec--2018-037.jpg
  • 2018-11-19-Dec--2018-038.jpg



Sixth class Learn it Lego Workshop.

  • 2018-11-19-Dec--2018-001.jpg
  • 2018-11-19-Dec--2018-003.jpg
  • 2018-11-19-Dec--2018-004.jpg
  • 2018-11-19-Dec--2018-006.jpg
  • 2018-11-19-Dec--2018-007.jpg
  • 2018-11-19-Dec--2018-009.jpg
  • 2018-11-19-Dec--2018-010.jpg
  • 2018-11-19-Dec--2018-011.jpg
  • 2018-11-19-Dec--2018-012.jpg
  • 2018-11-19-Dec--2018-014.jpg
  • 2018-11-19-Dec--2018-015.jpg




 Making Bug Circuits


 All the 'bright sparks' in fourth class recently explored electricity and circuits in science. They had great fun making light-up bug circuits using a peg, copper tape, LED lights and a coin battery. They then decorated their bugs and when teacher turned off the lights, all of the bugs lit up the room. 












STEAM Activity: Making Stethoscopes in Sixth Class.

  • STEM-1.jpg
  • STEM-2.jpg
  • STEM-3.jpg
  • STEM-4.jpg
  • STEM-5.jpg
  • STEM-6.jpg
  • STEM-7.jpg
  • STEM-8.jpg
  • STEM-9.jpg
  • STEM-10.jpg
  • STEM-11.jpg
  • STEM-12.jpg
  • STEM-13.jpg
  • STEM-14.jpg
  • STEM-15.jpg
  • STEM-16.jpg
  • STEM-17.jpg




Design and Make a Sail Car




                         Techkidz Coding Classes.
Niamh came to our school to present us with our Coding certificates from Tech Kidz.
        Coding certificates TechKidz 2Coding certificates TechKidz 1

Coding certificates TechKidz 4
                Sixth class visit to UCC School of Pharmacy.
School of Pharmacy UCC 5
School of Pharmacy UCC 7
School of Pharmacy UCC 18
School of Pharmacy UCC 19

Lifetime Lab Robot Workshop.

  • Lifetime-Lab--Robot-Workshop-9.jpg
  • Lifetime-Lab--Robot-Workshop-11.jpg
  • Lifetime-Lab--Robot-Workshop-12.jpg
  • Lifetime-Lab--Robot-Workshop-14.jpg
  • Lifetime-Lab--Robot-Workshop-15.jpg
  • Lifetime-Lab--Robot-Workshop-17.jpg
  • Lifetime-Lab--Robot-Workshop-18.jpg
  • Lifetime-Lab--Robot-Workshop-20.jpg
  • Lifetime-Lab--Robot-Workshop-22.jpg
  • Lifetime-Lab--Robot-Workshop-24.jpg
  • Lifetime-Lab--Robot-Workshop-25.jpg
  • Lifetime-Lab--Robot-Workshop-28.jpg
  • Lifetime-Lab--Robot-Workshop-31.jpg

VEX IQ Robotics.

  • VEX-IQ-Robotics-1.jpg
  • VEX-IQ-Robotics-13.jpg
  • VEX-IQ-Robotics-16.jpg
  • VEX-IQ-Robotics-17.jpg
  • VEX-IQ-Robotics-18.jpg
  • VEX-IQ-Robotics-19.jpg
  • VEX-IQ-Robotics-22.jpg
  • VEX-IQ-Robotics-24.jpg
  • VEX-IQ-Robotics-26.jpg
  • VEX-IQ-Robotics-28.jpg
  • VEX-IQ-Robotics-29.jpg
  • VEX-IQ-Robotics-30.jpg
  • VEX-IQ-Robotics.jpg