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School Staff (2021 - 2022)

Ms M O'Brien

Deputy Principal
Ms C Devine

Ms P. Harrington

Teaching Staff 

Junior Infants  - Ms. Mc Daid

Junior Infants  - Ms. Fanning

Senior Infants  - Ms. O Shea / Ms. Aherne.

Senior Infants  - Ms. Dineen

1st Class -  Ms. Kearns

2nd Class - Ms. McCarthy

3rd Class - Ms. Kennedy

3rd Class - Ms. Spillett

4th Class - Mr. Wilson

5th Class - Ms. O Rourke

6th Class - Mr. O Keeffe

Rainbow Room ASD Class - Ms. Walsh

Sunflower Room ASD Class - Ms. Teahan

SEN Team.

Ms. Hennessy

Ms. Devine.

Ms. Powell / Ms. O'Neill.

Ms. Murphy

Ms. C. Callanan (SNA)

Ms. A. Gunn (SNA)

Ms. S O'Mahony (SNA)

Mr. E. Hurley (SNA)

Ms. M. Lecane (SNA)

Ms G. Boland. ( SNA)

Ms. E. Crotty (SNA)

Ms. L. Madden (SNA)


Board of Management (Dec 2019 - Nov 2023)

Chairperson:                     Mrs. Eleanor Crowley

Secretary:                        Ms. Marge O'Brien (Principal)


Parents' Nominees:           Ms. Mary Barry.       Mr. Paul Walsh.         


Teachers' Nominee:          Ms. Caitriona Devine


Patron's Nominee:            Ms. Lucy Walsh.


Community Reps:            Mr. Sean Cowman.  Ms. Rosie Hogan.


The Board meets at least five times each year.