Senior Infants A (2018-19)

Busy Beaumont Bakers!

A huge thank you to all our brilliant bakers who provided such gorgeous cakes for our Cake Sale. We had a great time seeing our friends come to our class to buy cakes. 

cs1 cs2


cs3   cs4



Happy New Year!!! 

A big welcome back to school. We had a great Christmas break, and came into school ready for lots of work! We've had a busy week catching up with all our friends, and have been enjoying getting back into the routine of the school day. We welcomed the new year by painting and decorating our 2019s, and making some really cool glasses! 

ny1  ny2


 Halloween in Senior Infants...

From pirates to pet cats, prisoner skeletons to minions and everything in between! The girls had great fun dressing up today for our Halloween concert. They performed really well, and enjoyed a well-deserved extra long playtime! Hope you all enjoy the week off, and come back feeling refreshed and ready for more hard work!! 

Have a look at us in our spooky costumes....

ha1 ha2

ha3 ha4

ha5 ha6

ha7 ha8

ha9 ha11






We enjoyed the great weather today, and went on a Nature walk looking for signs of Autumn. We brought our books and pencils outside and ticked off each item as we saw them. Can you guess what we were looking for?!

si17 si18 

si19 si20 

si21 si22

si23  si24

si25 si26

si27 si28


What great fun we had out in the yard today! Ms Mc Daid thought we worked super hard today, so just before lunchtime she gave us chalk and bubbles and we went out to the yard to draw and blow bubbles! Mrs O Rourke saw us out her window and took some lovely aeriel photos! Have a look at all of our excellent designs we made...

si3 si4

si5si6  si7    si8

si9   si10

si12 si14  si15   si16







si1  si2

We are all so excited to be back in school! Here we are on one of our first days as Senior Infants!


CLASS OF 2018 - 2019

A very warm welcome to Ms Mc Daid's Senior Infants! The girls have settled really well into their new classroom and are trying very hard with their work. They have been showing a great example to the younger girls in Junior Infants- especially with their lining up. We have been busy doing lots of nice writing, colouring and revision of all the work we did last year, as well as using our new Senior Infant books, which is VERY exciting!

Check back soon for photos and more information on what we have been up to!