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Junior Infants Ms Teahan. (2020-21)

Junior INFANTS Miss Teahan.

CLASS OF 2020 - 2021

First Day of School



We are all settled in very well to our new class and our new school, here in Junior Infants! We are learning, playing and making new friends every day.

We are working hard on our fine motor skills and building our finger muscles for the month of September- have a look at our Cheerio Challenge!



 We are using our playdough once a week to make pancakes, rolling pins, footballs and lots more. We even had a playdough disco to showcase all our new playdough tricks!


We have a Zumba class every Monday with Rosalea, we are practicing our new moves and improving every week!


We are enjoying playtime everyday, see some pictures from our Dress-Up and Construction areas!



We are so lucky to have a lovely outdoor area in our school! Throughout the week, we go outside for some fresh air to do PE and we often take off and explore our wonderful school garden.


We are having great fun learning how to cut and paste. This week, we are learning about matching in Maths, we decided to combine our skills by cutting out and matching up pairs of socks! Have a look below.


In between working hard and playing, we are enjoying our time out in the sunshine. We were even lucky enough to have an Ice-Lol party outside!


We wore our best green and yellow colours to support the Rockies team this week! We learned about heat and melting and even made Rice Krispies to see the science in action!


Space Week

We celebrated Space Week by reading a book called 'Back to Earth with a Bump' and making our own astronauts and rockets. Have a look below!



Autumn Time!

We have been learning all about the months and seasons. We have been venturing on nature walks to spot some signs of Autumn such as Autumn leaves and conkers ! Have a look at our 'prickle of hedgehogs'!


Our Spooky Halloween Soirée!

We had so much fun at our Halloween party, it was a morning filled with activities and party games. First up was our witches brews! Have a look at the spooky Halloween potions we made.

'Bubble bubble, toil and trouble!' 




We even did some trick-or-treating within our class group! The girls had lots of fun giving their friends their Halloween treats.






 Ready Set Go Maths!

In November, we started the Ready Set Go Maths programme. This is a numeracy initiative that is designed to enable children in the infant classroom to develop and consolidate their understanding of numbers through activities and interactive games. 


This week, we focused on sorting. Have a look below!




The girls enjoyed using their iPads this week. We learned how to plug our headphones in and navigate around the homepage of the tablet. The girls really enjoyed using the apps 'Jolly Phonics' and 'Starfall'. They are looking forward to exploring more apps and improving their technology skills!


Science Week!

We had great fun being mini scientists here in Junior Infants! We read a lovely story called 'Ada Twist the Scientist' and concluded that a scientists favourite question to ask is 'why?'. They are always asking questions about the world around them.

The first experiment that we conducted was based on the diffusion of food colouring when water is poured over Skittles. Have a look at the results:


For our next experiment, the girls filled four plastic cups with water and food colouring. They placed four empty cups in between them. They then folded kitchen paper towels and put them into each cup, connecting the cups. We left the cups alone for 24 hours and have a look what happened when the food colouring and water travelled up the paper towel and down into the next cup!






After 24 hours....

 For our final day of Science Week, we learned about our senses and how they help us to figure out the world around us.

We focused on taste sense and even conducted a taste test-have a look at our reactions when we tasted the food and decided if they were sweet,salty, sour or bitter!



Have a look at our special guest! 

Our fantastic caretaker, Eddie, visited us today with his lovely dog Gucci. We were delighted to meet her.

Literacy Fun!

We have started the Jolly Phonics Programme this month. We are working really hard at learning our sounds every day, have a look at our Phonics Hopscotch! We had to say the sound and jump along to the next letter.

Ready Set Go Maths!

This week, we are focusing on counting and number formation. We enjoyed using our five-frames, counters and a dice to play lots of interactive games.


Merry Christmas Everyone!

We are busy bees in Junior Infants preparing for Christmas week. We are working very hard at memorising our lines for our Nativity Play 'Born in a Barn'! We had great fun making decorations for our Christmas tree in school! Have a look at our artwork including Winter Scenes, Santa Hats and Christmas Trees. 


March 1st- Back in School!

Welcome Back

We are so delighted to be back in school after two whole months! We are having loads of fun on our first week back.

World Book Day

Our week was off to a great start with 'World Book Day'. We dressed up as our favourite characters from books that we enjoy reading. We also had a special visit from Ms O' Brien for 'World Book Day'! We listened to a lovely story about two puppies, Rosy and Dave!



Engineers Week

This week, we became Mini-Engineers! Have a look at the 'Design and Make' STEM challenge that we made a great job at! We had to work with our team members to design and construct a tower using marshmallows and spaghetti sticks.





Spring Art

We are learning about Spring. For our Friday Art lesson this week, we created baby chicks!