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Junior Infants Ms Mc Daid.(2020-21)


Junior INFANTS Ms Mc Daid.

CLASS OF 2020 - 2021

 Welcome to Ms Mc Daid's Junior Infants. Please check back from time to time to see what we have been up to in our class! 


Welcome to Ms Mc Daid's Junior Infant Class Blog! We have had a very busy few weeks settling into our new routine of "Big School"! We are making new friends, and learning about the importance of working together with our partners and the girls at our tables. Here we are having some Fine Motor fun with our friends..

IMG 5894                                      IMG 5895  IMG 5896                     IMG 5897

IMG 5898    IMG 5899

IMG 5900 

 We love to dance in our class, and we are so lucky to have Rosalia come to teach us Zumba every Monday. Check out our moves..!

IMG 5877      IMG 5879

IMG 5883   IMG 5881

 On Friday mornings, it's Board Games and Puzzles..we've learned how to play lots of new fun games, and we are practicing turn taking..


 IMG 5909  IMG 5910

IMG 5911   IMG 5912

IMG 5913 IMG 5914

We've been making use of our beautiful school garden, yard and the Beaumont Park, and getting lots of fresh air. We've already had our lunch Al Fresco, and an ice lolly in the sunshine. We've been going for lovely walks in the park to spot some of the signs of Autumn.

 reziz7 resiz8

resiz10 resiz11

resiz12 resiz13



We are learning about Autumn... 

We have been learning all about Autumn here in Junior Infants. We have been going on lots of Autumn walks in Beaumont Park and spotting the signs of Autumn. We love picking up leaves and acorns! We made some leaf rubbings with Autumn leaves we found. We used pointillism to make Autumn trees. 

aut1   aut3

aut5 aut6

aut7  aut8

tree1  tree3



Maths Week 2020

For Maths Week, every morning this week, we have been using our fantastic Maths resources. They are part of the Ready Set Go Maths programme which we will be starting after Halloween. We have been busy sorting bears by colour and size, making sets of vehicles according to colour, type, making some constructions with lollipop sticks and making link patterns to name but a few. Take a look at us having lots of fun...

mathswk1  mathswk2

mathswk4  mathswk3

mathswk5  mathswk6

mathswk7 mathswk8

mathswk9   mathswk10





We had so much fun preparing for Halloween in school. We cut and pasted skeletons, made glittery bats and designed our very own pumpkins with colourful crepe paper. We also used apples for printing pumpkins. Have a look at us in our aprons printing pumpkins..

p1  p2 



 Halloween calls for spooky creatures and scary witches, and we were so excited to dress up on the day of the Midterm Break. We had some witches, skeletons, zombie cheerleaders, and of course some princesses in our classroom that day! Check out our fantastic costumes!

hal1    hal2

hal3  hal4

hal5   hal6

hal7 hal8


We could not have our regular Halloween concert this year, but we still learned all of the songs and poems we usually would. Mrs O Rourke recorded us singing one of our songs, and uploaded it to the school Twitter page (@beaumontoffice). Here's a screenshot from the performance!



 Hair-raising fun for Science Week!

Great fun was had during Science week when we explored static electricity using balloons and our hair! We checked to see what would happen when we rubbed the balloon on our hair, and then checked if our balloons could pick up different materials when they were full of static electricity. It was so much fun seeing what we could pick up with our balloons, and of course we got a great laugh from the hairstyles too...

sc1 sc2

sc3 sc4

sc5  sc6

sc7     sc8

sc9    sc10

sc11   sc12

sc13    sc14


Chatting Circles

We have been working very hard on our listening skills, and projecting our speaking voices We love our chatting circles, where we get to chat to our friends in small groups and share things like our news, our favourite foods etc. Here we are during one of our chatting circles- it's so much fun to chat to our friends!

cc1   cc2


Getting stronger every day...

For the past few weeks, we have been doing a 5 minute workout in the classroom with the Bodycoach Joe Wicks. We copy his moves in the video, and are really improving our fitness. We are mastering our running on the spot, jumping jacks, squats, and even bunny hops! We really are getting stronger every day!!! 


ex1  ex2

ex3   ex4