6th Class (2019-20)

Ms. Devine's  6TH CLASS         CLASS OF 2019-2020


Service of Light  St Michael's Church  - 7.30 pm Monday December 2nd. 

Please bring your baptismal candle with you.


Confirmation Day - 10.30 am Monday March 30th 2020.



Brilliant work in Mathletics. I am really proud of you all.

Mathletic 20.32





Well done girls! Great work with Mathletics this week.

sixth class sept matheltics





   Thank you to Caroline for giving us a lovely 'Yoga in the Park' session  on Friday.

Sept 2019 46




Sept 2019 30




 We started our swimming lessons on Friday morning.

Sept 2019 71


Sept 2019 72





                                    We have lots of tests on Friday morning.

Sept 2019 29








                   Last year's sixth class girls came back to visit us. They gave us lots of advice about life in secondary school.

Sept 2019 16



Sept 2019 17











                                               Football Cool Down.


Sept 2019 13




Sept 2019 14



Sept 2019 15


                                                        Morning Test.

Sept 2019 102


                                             Working hard at our morning test.

Sept 2019 103





   Back to school: 'Getting to Know You' Game.


Sept 2019 79



Back to school for the Class of 2020


 Sept 2019 90