5th Class (2018-19)

Welcome to Mrs. O'Neill's 5th Class!


Hello and welcome to 5th Class 2018-2019.  Please check back with us from time to time to see all the wonderful work and fun activities we will be doing throughout the school year.  Enjoy!



Our Wonderful Projects

                                       20190306 094543

20190301 112857    20190301 112918

    20190301 113031

20190301 113136    20190301 113159

20190301 113209    20190301 113224

20190301 113246    20190301 113258

20190301 113331    20190301 113401

20190301 113449    20190301 114010

                                       20190301 114116 

                                       20190301 114252  

                                     20190301 114546

                                     20190301 115213

                                      20190301 115233

                                     20190301 115438

                                    20190301 115947

   20190301 120917    20190301 120917

                                     20190301 120923

                                      20190301 122031

20190301 122530     20190301 122148


Happy Valentine's Day!

To celebrate Valentine's Day we thoroughly enjoyed working with Acrylic paints and canvases for the first time to paint beautiful designs to give to our loved ones. 

                                    IMG 20190217 WA0002

IMG 20190217 WA0000   IMG 20190217 WA0001

IMG 20190217 WA0003   IMG 20190217 WA0006


Our Class Cake Sale

A huge thank you to all our parents and pupils once again for baking such delicious treats for our class Cake Sale, it was a great success.  A big thank you to Fiona also for making such a beautiful showstopper of a Raffle Cake!

        IMG 20190201 WA0002

IMG 20190201 WA0001 IMG 20190201 WA0003

IMG 20190201 WA0004 IMG 20190201 WA0005

IMG 20190201 WA0007 IMG 20190201 WA0009

IMG 20190201 WA0010 IMG 20190201 WA0012


The First Snowfall in Beaumont

Although it may not have happened over the Christmas period, we were still very excited to see our school covered in a blanket of snow in January.  We had such great fun playing in the snow and making some wonderful memories with our friends.

                                   IMG 20190130 WA0001

                                   IMG 20190201 WA0017

                                   IMG 20190201 WA0020  

                                   IMG 20190201 WA0021

                                   IMG 20190201 WA0022


Our New Year's Mannequin

Angelika, Mia and Doireann made a great team in January and started the New Year by designing a beautiful New Year's themed outfit for Belle.  Great work girls!

                                   IMG 20190217 WA0004


Christmas in Beaumont

We really got into the festive spirit this year and wanted to share with you some of the lovely moments that took place from Santa's visit to Beaumont and the annual 5th Class Carol singing.  Well done to Mandy, Abigail and Tori too for their wonderful Christmas creation that adorned our class mannequin "Jingle-Belle".

20181218 111910  20181218 114741

                                     20181218 114504

                                     20181218 142130

                                     20181220 124659


Winter Art

We recently created some beautiful Winter artwork using sugar paper and chalk pastels.

                                      20181129 135136

                                      20181129 135356

                                      20181129 135946

                                      20181129 135626


Our Class Mannequin for the Month of November

Well done to Anna, Fiona and Elisha for working so well together to create a lovely Thanksgiving themed outfit for the month of November!  Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

                                      20181129 133138


Our Lego Workshop

                          20181119 105229

20181119 105130 20181119 105206

20181119 111854 20181119 111925

20181119 111955 20181119 112032

20181119 112429 20181119 112246

20181119 112809                 On Your Marks...

20181119 112824                 Get Set...

                                     20181119 112944


Sciath na Scol Final

A huge congratulations to our incredible Beaumont Girls team who brought us to the final of the Sciath na Scol in Páirc Uí Rinn this year.  We thoroughly enjoyed supporting the girls on the day and although victory wasn't ours this time, we couldn't have been more proud of our team.  In the words of the world's greatest supporters..."Let's Go Beaumont, Let's Go!!!" 

                                     20181107 120557

                                     20181107 115855

                                     20181107 115944

                                   =20181107 124813

    20181107 125405    20181107 133228

                                     20181107 122429

                                     20181107 122419

                                     20181107 122443

                                     20181107 122451

                                     20181107 122459 

                                     20181107 122602

                                     20181107 122508

                                     20181107 122550

                                     20181107 122710


Seasonal Change in Our Beautiful School Garden

We love helping out whenever we can in our school garden.  We are also so grateful to have such lovely garden ladies who help and educate us on what is to be done at different times of the year.


  20181023 111339   20181023 110642

  20181023 110648   DSCF1243


  DSCF1241   DSCF1245

  DSCF1250   DSCF1247

  DSCF1249   DSCF1246


Book Buddies at Halloween

Every Friday we really look forward to visiting the Infant Classrooms to read to our little book buddies, share stories and even sometimes listen as they read to us.  To mark Halloween however, we decided to dress up in costumes and take our book buddies out to play in the garden for some tricks and treats.  It was so much fun! 















Our Class Mannequin

Throughout the school year, the girls will work together in groups of three to design themed outfits for our class mannequin.  These designs will be created out of recycled and recyclable materials and will be based on the current month of the year.  The aim is to develop skills of co-operation and communication, to raise environmental awareness and above all else to have lots and lots of fun!  For the first month, Chloe F., Abbie and Kadiatou worked wonderfully together to create a Halloween themed ensemble for the month of October and this was the final spooktastic piece.  Well done girls!





Our Hootiful Owl Artwork




Building Birdhouses

As part of our Science lesson on Materials, pupils worked in groups of five to examine a range of materials that would be suitable to build a sustainable birdhouse.  Throughout the investigation, pupils discovered and applied the meaning of words such as organic, inorganic, insulation, natural, man-made and  water-resistant among many others.  The budding scientists then creatively designed their own birdhouses in groups using the variety of materials and fibres provided, such as milk cartons, lollipop sticks, felt paper, moss, leaves and twigs.