5th / 6th Class (2018-19)


We are delighted to welcome all viewers to

Miss A. McCarthy's fifth and sixth Class blog

of 2018/ 2019


On the 17th June, 5th and 6th Class went on their school tour to the Kinsale Outdoor Centre. They had a fantastic day doing team building activities, rockclimbing, archery, kayaking, bodyboarding  and swimming.


Sciath Na Scol Camogie Winners!!!!!

Tour of University College Cork

School of Pharmacy

Enjoying a game of 4 squares!

5th Class pupils enjoyed making smoothies today!!

5th and 6th Class pupils enjoying WOW day (Walk on Wednesday!)



Congratulations to all the sixth class pupils who received the Sacrament of Confirmation on April 2nd 2019


We had great fun during Seachtain na Gaeilge taking part in various activities. Here we are participating in a céilí!

On Friday, we decided to bring two classes together to partake in a huge game of 'Dodgeball' for our Physical Education lesson! 


 Today, 5th and 6th Class had their final sale of the year. Susan kindly offered to make our raffle cake which looked delicious!! We each brought in our own cakes including chocolate and other varieties. By amazing chance, one of our 6th Class pupils Katie Sugrue won the raffle. We all made fond memories of the day, particularly 6th Class as it was their last cake sale.

'Snow everywhere

Never been so happy

On our sleds 

With our friends' (by Aisling Leahy)




Carol Singing at Super Valu!



Well done to our sixth class pupils reading the nativity story at our Christmas Carol Service. All pupils read and sang beautifully.

Carol Singing in St. Lukes Home


On Friday the 14th of December, all of the pupils of Beaumont Girls School hosted a fundraiser to raise money for Crumlin children's hospital. The school staff also got involved. Each person wearing a Christmas jumper gave two euro to the wonderful cause. The school managed to raise a lot of money which will benefit the children in Crumlin. Everyone enjoyed being able to wear their Christmas jumpers and also helped a worthy cause. 



We celebrated the 100 year anniversary of the end of the First World War on the 11th November 2018. Caroline kindly brought in one of Princess Mary's Christmas gifts, which was given out to soldiers who were serving during the First World War in Christmas 1914. It belonged to Caroline's grandfather. It contained tobacco, a picture of the princess, a pipe and a lighter. On the box, it contained the names of the Triple Entente( France, Russia and Britain). We learned a lot about the war during our history lesson.



We have our team mascot at the ready. Best of luck Beaumont!!! We are extremely proud of the 14 girls representing our class.


We were privileged to be offered the opportunity to sing with Sean O' Sé on Grandparent's Day.We sang 'Trasna na dTonnta' and really impressed the audience. It was a fantastic experience. Sean kindly visited our classroom the previous day to prepare. What an honour!

We have been busy doing groupwork, writing up facts we have learned and designing posters for our classroom.


Táimid ag cumadh agus ag déanamh dráma beag sa seomra ranga. 

On October 2nd, our class took part in a SEAI Energy workshop. Feargal from the Lifetime Lab came to our school to teach us all about STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art and maths). We learned that if we want to make a change to the world and protect our environment, we must use renewable energy. These types of energy include wind, hydro, etc. Non-renewable forms of energy include peat, gas, oil and these may run out. 

We did experiments and created an explosion using Alka Seltzer. We also investigated if we could create a simple circuit using a lemon as a battery. To finish the workshop, we played a fun game called Guzzler's Energy Challenge. We gained great experience today.


    Well done to our Irish dancing star who was very successful in her latest competition.


We enjoyed doing a team building STEM activity to start the year. Our aim was to build the tallest tower possible as a team using spaghetti, marshmallow, tape and string. Look at our success!



We are looking forward to a great year ahead in 5th/6th Class!!!!