4th Class B (2018-19)



Welcome to Ms. Fanning's 4th Class




Happy New Year 2019

Fáilte Romhaibh ar ais!




Tracksuit Days:

Monday (PE) 

Friday (Irish Dancing )






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"Do You Want to Build a Snowman?" 30/1/19







              Discover Cork School's Heritage Project 2018/19


On Thursday 6th December we had our Project Display Day in the Halla. We showed all the pupils,  teachers and our principal our projects and models/DVDs. We also invited our parents, grandparents and other relations to come to our school to see our amazing project display. We had lots of visitors and everyone enjoyed the day.

From Monday 10th-Friday 14th of December, St. Michael's Credit Union kindly allowed us to display our projects in their reception area. They even Tweeted and posted about our projects on their Facebook page 'St. Michael's Credit Union'! We loved that people from the local community could read and enjoy our projects.

 A big Thank You to all our families for their help and well done to all of our budding historians for their hard work. The projects are fantastic!

On Friday we will finalise everything and submit them to the Lifetime Lab. 

Take a look at some of our pictures below. 








Our Project Display in St. Michael's Credit Union












Image result for blackrock observatoryImage result for there's a starman


Well done to Freya, Maddison and Holly who recently had their artwork chosen to be on display in the recent David Bowie 'Starman' exhibition in the Blackrock Castle Observatory. 







Before Christmas, the Parents Association treated all the classes to a special Christmas surprise- some delicious hot chocolate with marshmallows and a Christmas cookie! What a treat!





Christmas Jumper Day in Aid of Crumlin Children's Hospital





Our gifts for Saint Vincent de Paul.

Well done all. 


Christmas Centre Pieces

Mrs Sexton helped all the girls in both 4th classes to create these beautiful centre pieces for Christmas. 






Gingerbread House Craft Project

by Jenna, Hannah and Dani


We made Christmas gingerbread houses from recycled milk cartons. The first step we did was to get some tissue and glue it onto the carton. The next step we did was to get some brown paint and paint over the tissue. We then cut the roof out of cereal boxes. We also had to measure the size and length of the roof because we all had different sized gingerbread houses. Next we got some modelling paste and you would want to wear an apron because it does get everywhere!! We stuck buttons onto the modelling paste. Next we got fake candy canes and our teacher Miss Fanning hot glued them on. Then we did the fun part- the decorating!!!! When we finished, Caroline sprinkled a little pinch of glitter on them. Then we went downstairs and put them up on the windowsills by the Halla. Caroline and Miss Fanning put fairy lights on them. We loved making our gingerbread houses. 








Learn-it LegoWorkshop


All smiles at our recent lego workshop :) 






"Fun at the Feis"

Well done to all of the cailíní who took part in the recent Irish Dancing Feis!!




Lucky Winner

Congratulations to Maddison on being the lucky winner of this scrumptious cake! A big thank you to Noor for baking the amazing raffle cake. 



We have had a very busy first term and we have settled back into our school routine. We have been working hard and having lots of fun. Here is a lovely picture of us all on our very first day of 4th class. 







Bhí mé tinn. Bhí pian i mo bholg. Bhí imní ar Mhamaí. Chuir Mamaí glao ar an dochtúir. Tháinig an dochtúir an tráthnóna sin. Thóg sí mo theocht. Dúirt sí go raibh mé an-tinn ach beidh biseach orm go luath.

Bhí an leighis go huafásach! D'fhan mé sa leaba ar feadh cúpla lá. D'ól mé an leighis uafásach. Nuair a bhí an leighis imithe, bhí biseach orm.

Le Berfin





Bhí tinneas cluaise orm agus bhí scórnach tinn orm. Bhí brón orm. Bhí imní ar Dhaidí agus ar Mhamaí. Chuir siad glao ar an dochtúir. Tháinig an dochtúir an maidin sin. Thóg sí mo theocht. D'fhéach sí isteach i mo chluasa.Dúirt sí go raibh mé an-tinn ach beidh biseach orm go luath. Thug sí buidéal leighis do Mhamaí. Bhí an leighis go huafásach! D'fhan mé sa leaba a feadh cúpla lá. D'ól mé an leighis uafásach. I gceann cúpla lá, bhí biseach orm. Bhí an tinneas cluasa agus an scórnach tinn imithe. Bhí áthas ar gach duine arís. 


Le Julie




I see lots of crunchy leaves on the damp path.

I feel the chilly cold air in the early morning.

I hear the crunchy leaves under my freezing feet.

I taste the really cold early morning air.

I smell my favourite hot chocolate as I pass the coffee shop on my walk home.

By Keela




I see a shiny smooth conker on the dirty road.

I feel the soft warm gloves on my hands.

I hear the sound of someone stepping on the crunchy leaves.

I taste the sweet soft apple pie in my mouth.

I smell sweet apple crumble baking in the oven.

By Hannah



I see a fluffy red squirrel collecting round juicy nuts for his comfy hibernation.

I feel the shiny round smoothness of the conker I have just picked up.

I hear the loud crunch of colourful autumn leaves under my feet.

I taste the juicy fresh blackberries.

I smell the dark hot smoke coming from the bonfire.

By Ellie



 Bat Report

Baby bats are pink and have no fur when born. They are also blind when they are born but as they get older they can see. Baby bats are the size of a jelly bean or your finger nail when they're born. They cling onto their mum to get around until they can fly on their own.

Bats look like a black bird but when you look closely you can see that it isn't like a bird because it flies differently. Bats have legs, arms, four fingers and one thumb. They have two layers of skin on their wings.

Fruit bats eat fruit. They transfer pollen. Fruit bats' droppings can make new trees as the seeds regrow in a new place.

Bats are mammals. They are the only flying mammal. A vampire bat can bite it's prey (cow, horse etc.) but they don't hurt the animals.

Echo-location means that bats use their ears to find their way around. The sound bounces off the objects and the bat can tell what the objects are.

Bats live in spider webs, trees, caves, in old abandones houses and under bridges. They hang upside-down.

By Kate


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  Design and Make a Sail Car

The girls had great fun with this S.T.E.M challenge. They had to design their own car and sail. They chose materials to make their sail car and tried to make sure that the car would move if they blew the sail.  All the girl's sail cars moved! Well done girls!




How I made my sail car

Materials Used: skewer, paper, five straws, block of styrofoam, cardboard, lego wheels, marker, scissors


1. Put the wheel on the cardboard and draw around it with a marker four times.

2. Put a hole in each wheel using a skewer.

3. Get another skewer and put two holes in the styrofoam block.

4. Put a straw into each hole.

5. Put the cardboard wheels on the straws.

6. Get one straw and cut two holes at each side of the straw.

7. Get the sail (card) and place it on the two straws.

8. Put it on the car and blow- watch it move!!

I learned: You need very round wheels to get the car to move.

By Ellie




Spaghetti Tower Building Challenge



 This certainly was an exciting but challenging S.T.E.M activity. Using twenty spaghetti strings, one metre of masking tape, a marshmallow and a scissors, the girls had to build a free-standing tower that would support a marshmallow on top! Take a look at some of their amazing towers. 










 Sciath na Scol Final

 What a fantastic time we had supporting the girls in the recent Sciath na Scol final in Páirc Uí Rinn. The girls played a fantastic game and did us all proud! Well done cailíní! 



The Great Beaumont Bake Off








Image result for weaving well being tools of resilience


At the moment we are focussing on the skill of 'resilience' in our Weaving Wellbeing Programme. Resilience means being able to 'bounce back' when we are faced with any of life's challenges. We spoke about examples when we showed resilience and we all thought of different famous people we know who showed resilience at certain points in their lives.

Did you know that J.K. Rowling was turned down by twelve publishers before her Harry Potter book got published? Imagine if she gave up.

Some other resilent people we discussed  were Bethany Hamilton, Joanne O' Riordan and Simone Biles. 

Image result for jk rowling   Image result for simone biles   Image result for joanne o riordan ucc



Having a 'Hoot' in Art Class


Take a look at some of our beautiful mixed media owls. 











We are busy learning lots of new vocabulary this year. We enjoy to play the game Vo-back-ulary to revise our new words and their meanings. 




Circuit Bugs


Today, we explored circuits in science. We made our very own little circuit bugs using a wooden peg, copper tape, a coin battery and LED lights. We then decorated our bugs and had a great time seeing them light up, especially when we turned off the lights!