4th Class A (2018-19)

Welcome to 4th Class!!!



Lego Engineering!

We recently took part in a Lego Engineering workshop as part of Science week. It was great fun! Have a look at our photos. The best part was racing our lego race cars at the end!


Lego Engineering workshop

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We are working very hard in 4th class!! The last few weeks have been very busy! Keep an eye on our blog to see what we have been getting up to!





         What We Did in the Garden!

Week 1: First we picked curly kale then we picked spinach and lettuce. We brought down mints and rosemary and we put them in bouquets for the sale. We also brought down carrots and other vegetables. We put the vegetables in bags for the sale. Then we put tables up and put everything on the tables. Then we opened up and everyone loved everything. We raised like €80.75. I love the garden. I love helping all the gardeners.

By Aimee Hurley 4th class

Week 2: Ruby, Sheree, Addison, Skye and I went to the school garden together. We pulled carrots out of the ground and then sold carrots to the Junior Infants parents when it was 1:30pm. After we watered the plants and cleaned up the leaves. Then Kate gave us lemon puffs. Kate asked us to get her some jars out of the bins, after that we watered more flowers at the front of the school. We filled the bird feeders with seeds so the Junior Infants could feed the birds. We then went back to the classroom.

By Emily Hogan 4th class

Week 3: I went to the garden with group 3. It is coming into winter so we did not do much, all we did was rake the leaves and picked up sticks but it was fun. We also watered the plants and picked up the leaves in the flower bed. We were there for an hour and a half. We did not get much time because there was a match on. The girls I went with were Abigail, Sarah, Orlaith, Zuzana, Zusha and Maja. I had lots of fun.

By Ella O’ Sullivan 4th class

Grandparents Day

On Grandparents Day my Grandad and I were the opening act. As a class we sang Fernando. I was front row centre. Sarah and I did a duet. It was so much fun. Everyone sang along. The microphone wouldn’t work and we had to sing without it. After that we did a three hand reel. I had a lot of fun with that too. Everyone clapped along. When we went up to the classroom we had a small bit of lunch. When they came up we asked them a bit about schools long ago. One lady went to England for school and did art in primary school. We brought our grandparents down to the Halla for some tea and cake. After we went out to yard and played with skipping ropes. Keela and I taught Zoe how to do the reel because she might be starting in our Irish Dancing class. Mrs Sexton gave us all hero chocolates. I had a great day!

By Mia 4th Class