3rd Class (2019-20)


CLASS OF 2019 - 2020

Remember! Seniors Day on Thursday 17th October.

We are in charge of the cakes for our very special guests.

In science we continued learning about light as energy and how we need to complete a circuit. We attached copper foil to clothes pegs and used a battery to light up the LEDs. We made the bulbs look like bugs' antenna! (14/10/2019)





Today (09/10/2019) we created 3D shapes in maths out of cocktail sticks and blu tac. We were able to clearly identify the faces, edges and vertices of the shapes we created.

maths1 600 x 450


More interesting Science today with Ms Morley (07/10/2019). We investigated how light is a form of energy and how metals are conductors of this energy. We ended up making lighthouses out of the materials. Some very modern and creative lighthouses indeed!




3rd class had an enjoyable science lesson on materials and their properties today (30/09/2019) with Ms Morley. We made tea bags with cling film, tin foil, coffee filters and kitchen roll. We had to investigate which materials would be suitable for making a nice cup of tea! Many of our predictions were correct!

 science 1

science 2

science 3

science 4



3rd class had an extremely busy day today (27/09/2019). We had our cake sale, Irish dancing, a superhero drama workshop in UCC, our spelling and tables test and some physical activity to make European School Sports Day!

Our drama workshop was the highlight of the day; exploring our imaginations and creative sides! Here are some pictures of the day out!

drama 2

drama 1

drama 3


We decided to give our superheroes a personal touch by putting it down on paper! Here are some of the girls' creations!




 Welcome back to school all! Third class have had a busy September so far with many fun activities and many more to follow!




We leanred a lot from Kay in the garden last week as she showed us how to make chutney.


DSC00811 600 x 450


Art lesson on pointillism from Thursday 26th September; exploring autunm colours.