2nd Class (2019-20)


CLASS OF 2019-2020

Welcome to Miss A. McCarthy's 2nd Class of 2019-2020!

We are really looking forward to the year ahead, especially as we will be celebrating the Sacrament of Holy Communion.


Dates of the Sundays of Do This in Memory 2019-2020:

Sunday 20th October 2019- Enrolment Sunday

Sunday 24th November 2019-Feast of Christ the King

Sunday 15th December 2019- 3rd Sunday of Advent

Sunday 26th January 2020- 3rd Sunday in Ordinary Time

Sunday 16th February 2020- 6th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Sunday 15th March 2020- 3rd Sunday in Lent

Sunday 26th April 2020- 3rd Sunday of Easter

Sunday 14th June 2020- Feast of Corpus Christi

The Sacrament of First Holy Communion will be celebrated on

16th May 2020!!!



Happy Halloween from a Spooky Second Class

Literacy Intervention

Today marks the end of our four week intervention. The girls had fantastic fun and their literacy skills have improved greatly. We worked at four stations : Re-reading station, New reading station, Handwriting station and Comprehension station!! Thanks to Mrs. Hennessy and Caroline for their help also!

Today we wore Green and Gold! Best of luck to St. Michael's on Sunday

A few moments captured on Special Seniors Day when our grandparents visited our classroom! We sang 'Lord I need You' and enjoyed sharing stories!!!


We had an eventful P.E. lesson today outdoors learning 'Shoe the donkey' accompanied by accordian.



We are ready to mark 'Crazy Sock Day' tomorrow after decorating our beautiful artistic socks!



Caroline Morley very kindly offered to do a yoga class with us on Tuesday!!! We feel sooooo relaxed after our session! Thank you Caroline!

We are so fortunate to have our very own School Garden and we enjoy investigating and exploring!!!


Here we are enjoying the beautiful sunshine in September. We forgot to bring our sun shades to school!!!



We have been very busy working hard for the first two weeks of Second Class. Have a look at our latest artwork and a special poem we learned, which follows!


There's someone very dear to me,

Almost like my family.

This someone can be he or she.

Who is it? It's my friend.


There's someone who knows me good and bad,

Who loves me happy, loves me sad.

The closest one I ever had.

Who is it? It's my friend.


There's someone I meet every day.

Who comes to talk, who comes to play.

I'm sad when someone goes away.

Who is it? It's my friend.


There's someone else I know who grew,

That someone had his own friends too.

And now he's friends with me and you.

He's Jesus, he's my friend!

Our first class photo as Second Class pupils-Can you tell we are excited for the year ahead?