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2nd Class Ms Mc Carthy. (2020-21)

 Welcome to Miss A. McCarthy's 2nd Class blog of 2020-2021

Please check in regularly to see all the fantastic work we carry out!


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Happy Easter to everyone in 2nd Class! I hope you all have a well deserved break and rest over the holiday period. Watch out for any 'Funky Bunnies' hopping around!



We were proud to celebrate St. Patricks Day with our green themed no uniform day. Some even went to the trouble of making green lunches!



WorldBookDay2021: Do you recognise any of these story characters who arrived to school today? Some fantastic costumes to celebrate World Book Day.

Dr Seuss shared some wise words with us:'The more you read,the more you know, the more you learn, the more places you go'.


We really enjoyed this doodle along event with an excellent author Liz Pichon. We love her Tom Gates books.


 Engineer's Week 1st -5th March 2021:

We watched the animated film 'Soar' and kicked off engineer's week by creating our very own paper airplanes, while learning about thrust and forces. We investigated how far each one can fly. Caitríona also demonstrated how the hand and its bones function.

We watched 'Silly Billy's Science Stem Show' which launched rockets and brought us for a trip around the International Space Station. We learned all about life in Space. 


1st March 2021- We are delighted to return to school!! We are enjoying going for walks around Beaumont Park and completing PE classes outside. 


Some festive fun with Rudolph in our photobooth! Nollaig shona daoibh go léir!! :)


Today we had a very special visitor- Santa!!! He arrived to school in a fire truck!!!!The Parents Association very kindly organised hot chocolate with marshmallows for us after his departure!



We had a Whole School Zoom Assembly today. We decided to learn a new skill this Christmas- sign language! We performed Silent Night and Jingle Bells using sign language and it was so impressive! Our teacher was very proud of us! :)


We are getting in the Christmas and festive spirit decorating our classroom and the corridors with the beautiful artwork we created. We have made snow globes, cribs, angels, Christmas trees and much more! :)


Enjoying a winter walk! 

Check out our beautiful mixed media art pieces!


2nd Class supporting Cork footballers before the big game ahead on Sunday. The pupils were delighted to wear red in school for the day and take part in the Loudest Rebel Roar challenge! Corcaigh abú! 


WOW (Walk on Wednesdays)


Science Week 2020 (9th-13th November)

To kick off Science week, we all became engineers for a day. We completed the 'Tallest Tower Structural Challenge'! We built the tallest tower possible using spaghetti, masking tape and five marshmallows. We also really enjoyed learning about famous landmarks around the world such as the Eiffel Tower, the Leaning Tower of Pisa, the Spire, etc. When constructing, we learned that the base of our structure had to be wider than the top of our tower to help it to balance. We were very impressed with our towers!



Something is bubbling!!! For our second science experiment this week, we created our very own lava lamps. In this experiment, we mixed oil and water together. We learned that oil stays above the water because the oil is lighter than the water or, more specifically, less dense than water. The oil and water do not mix together. We then added drops of food colouring and an alka seltzer tablet. The tablet instantly started dissolving, creating a gas. As the gas bubbles rose, they took some of the coloured water with them.When the blob of water reached the top, the gas escaped and down went the water. Cool stuff eh!

Our third science experiment this week involved explosions!We had so much fun erupting our very own volcano. We used bread soda, dish soap, vinegar and food colouring. To make a larger eruption we continued to add more baking soda and vinegar and watched them interact!


Fruit tasting

Today, we decided to taste some fruit with Gillian. We discussed our various senses and explored the taste, smell, touch and sight of bananas and blueberries. We really enjoyed this activity and are very proud of ourselves!



Our Anti-bullying posters

We marked International Day against Bullying this week. This includes cyberbullying also. The pupils completed drama lessons based on bullying, acting out various scenarios that may occur in the school environment. They also designed these informative posters. We watched very good videos when completing the Stay Safe programme and held really worthwhile discussions! It is safe to say, we are well informed! 




Our Artwork

Have a look at the 'Pop Art' we completed this week. We are learning about lots of different animals in our core reader, including gorillas, crocodiles and snakes. We chose our favourite animal to depict! 



Second Class pupils had great fun dressing up in their spooky costumes on the final day of school before the midterm. We saw a variety of characters from princesses in beautiful gowns to vampires, witches, SWAT members, cheerleaders and even Wednesday Addams and IT!! What hard work all of the pupils completed over the first term and I really hope they enjoy a well deserved Halloween break!

BEWARE: The following are photographs which may give you a fright!!!



Pumpkin Carving

Our class were very fortunate to be offered two lovely pumpkins from our school garden. We enjoyed designing our pumpkin faces and choosing various shapes. We decided to call the pumpkins Frank and Stein!!Have a look at our before and after transformations!



Maths Week 2020

We had great fun completing maths problems and solving emoji puzzles!


Space Week 2020

Perhaps we will be astronauts when we grow up!!

We thoroughly enjoyed learning about the solar system and astronauts this week! 



Our final Irish Dancing class of 2020... are you impressed by our paired dancing?



Steam(Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics) is an essential part of the primary school curriculum. We are encouraged to become innovative and critical thinkers by completing various assignments and tasks. We look forward to partaking in lots of experiments throughout the year. In our spare time, we love constructing towers. Are you impressed by some of our work?




We learned a beautiful poem about friendship this week. 

Have a look at our latest artwork and the special poem to us which follows!


There's someone very dear to me,

Almost like my family.

This someone can be he or she.

Who is it? It's my friend.

There's someone who knows me good and bad,

Who loves me happy, loves me sad.

The closest one I ever had.

Who is it? It's my friend.

There's someone I meet every day.

Who comes to talk, who comes to play.

I'm sad when someone goes away.

Who is it? It's my friend.

There's someone else I know who grew,

That someone had his own friends too.

And now he's friends with me and you.

He's Jesus, he's my friend!



What an amazing day we had launching our school event for 'Cork Bike Week' in the glorious sunshine. We cycled around the yard and completed a bicycle obstacle course. It was so much fun cycling, scooting and even skateboarding!:)



Today, we were delighted to support Cork GAA and Marymount, celebrating 'Red Day' and 30 years since the famous double of 1990! We also thoroughly enjoyed our 'Skipnrope' workshop!


It was interesting learning about friendships and the importance of working together as a team at times. We put this into practice by completing a group work activity in our pods, designing a poster with the 'qualities of a good friend'. We all really enjoyed completing this project!




Fundamental movement and football training returned today and we were delighted to be back in the swing of things exploring different football skills. Have a look at us in action!


What a treat having our first Irish dancing class outdoors today with Niamh Marie. We have been practising and we are improving all the time with our 3s and our 7s!

Watch out Riverdance- Future stars in the making!



We have been working very hard since our return to school. We learned lots of new information about the season of Autumn and its characteristics. We studied animals which hibernate in science and we loved learning about the hedgehog. We learned how to share information about ourselves in Irish with the help of our new friend 'Muiris the moncaí'. Here are some examples below of our fantastic work.


Our first class photo as 2nd Class pupils-Can you tell we are excited for the year ahead?

We are delighted to be back in the classroom with our friends!:)