2nd Class (2018-19)

 Cake Sale Fun!!!


 A big 'bualadh bos' to all the bakers for last weeks cake sale! All of the cakes were fantastic and we had great fun selling them!!


Brilliant Beaumont Bakers!!!

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A big well done to all of our girls who took part in the recent Irish Dancing Feis! We are very proud of you all!




Check out the results of our recent Science Experiment!!

We recently planted Sweet Pea seeds as part of a science experiment. We wanted to investigate the following:

" Do plants need light to grow??"


What we did:

We planted sweet pea seeds in two pots - Pot A and Pot B. Both pots had the same amount of seeds and soil. We places Pot A on the sunny window sill in ouor classroom and we placed Pot B in the cuoboard. Both pots were watered regularly. After 5 weeks we compared our pots. 

Our findings:

The seeds in Pot A grew successfully and were leafy and green

The seeds in Pot B grew long, stringy and white. They did not contain any green and had no leaves

Our conclusion:

Plants need light to make chloropyll - the chemical that makes plants green!


Well done to our budding scientists!


 Credit Union Art Competition!

A huge congratulations to Muireann! She won her age category in the St Michaels Credit Union Art Competition! She now progresses to the Cork stage of the competiton! Well done Muireann. We are so proud of you! Look at her winning entry!


20181108 231523 Custom



"Fun"damental Movement & Gaelic Football 


On Wednesdays we take part in Fundamental Movement and Gaelic Football coaching with John Holly from St Michaels Gaelic Football Club. Each session begins with movement exercises including squats, lunges, jumping and our favourite "Supermans" where you have to work on your balancing skills. We also learn and develop our Gaelic Football skills. We are improving every week and we really enjoy the different games we play. Lots of our class have joined St Michaels Ladies Football Club and they train on Sundays at 11.30am. Will we be the future Cork stars??? Watch this space!

Fundamental Movement & Football

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Halloween Fun in Rang 2


We had so much fun dressing up for Halloween. There was such a huge variety of costumes. Well done to everyone for making such a great effort and especially to all the mums and dads who were up early painting faces!





Who are these spooky students??

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Pumpkin Carving

We had a great time carving pumpkins just before Halloween. We were so lucky to have Sharon and Amy - our SNA's and Aislings mum on hand to help us out. There was squeals of both delight and horror as we took turns to scoop out the pumpkin flesh. The girls came up with some great ideas for the faces. Check out our photos!





Pumpkin Carving

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Friday Fun!!

Every Friday we finish off our week of school by having a little fun! We take out the board games and play together for a little while before we go home for the weekend. It is a great way to unwind after the busy week of school but it also helps us to develop our turn taking and social skills. 


Board Game Fun

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Grandparent and Seniors Day - 24/10/2018


One of the highlights of our school year is the much anticipated "Grandparent & Seniors Day". We love having our special visitors come to school and visit our classroom. Mrs O Rourke thought it would be a good idea to sing a song that our visitors might know so we sang a song by Sam Cooke called "Wonderful World" that was released in 1960. We asked our visitors lots of questions about when they were younger and we heard some great stories and tales from long ago. A big thank you to all those who came to visit us. We can't wait for next year!


our nearest and dearest

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Maths Week 13-21st October 2018


We finished off Maths week playing some maths based board games. It was a great way to practise our tables skills and counting on and counting back while having fun with our friends!







Tree Day 4/10/2018


We are so that our school was built in such a beautiful setting. We have an amazing park right on our doorstep and our school is surrounded by the most beautiful trees. For Tree Day this year we went on a nature walk around our local environment and identified many of the trees there. These included trees such as the Rowan Tree, Horse Chestnut Tree, Sycamore Tree and many more.  We explored the different parts of the tree and their functions. We also took bark and leaf rubbings. We have a large display on our corridor of all our work on Tree Day. Don't forget to have a look!


Tree day

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"Every child is an artist" ~ Pablo Picasso 


Art and craft lessons give us all an opportunity to explore our creative side. We have been creating lots of Autumn art this month. Check out our mosaic "Acorn Art". We used the changing colours on the trees as our inspiration or our mosaic style art. We also created "Autumn Trees" using cotton balls to apply the paint on the trees. The mixture of red, yellow and orange paint was a very realistic representation of the changing leaves at the moment. 


"Acorn Art"






Autumn Trees

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"The only way to have a friend is to be one"

We have also been working on exploring the theme of "Friendship" this month. We explored the qualities of a good friend and how we can be a good friend to others. We learned the song " You've got a friend in me" from Disney Pixars "Toy Story". Don't forget to practice it at home! 




Brushing up on our IT skills!

We have enjoyed going to the computer room over the last few weeks. At the moment we are concentrating on developing our typing skills  The program we are using is "Dance Mat Typing". We are working on Level 1 and Level 2 at the moment. Dont forget to keep practising at home!

Other websites our teacher recommends are:

Literacy       https:/5/     




Computer Whizz Kids!

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Sometimes it is good to take some time out from all the busy activities and try to focus on ourselves. We have been following short guided videos on movement and mindfulness using

We have learned lots of different yoga poses including: Tree pose, mountain pose and warrior pose.


Yoga Time

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 Preparing for our First Holy Communion


We will be very busy over the next few months preparing for our First Confession and First Holy Communion. Our preparation begins with a Parents Meeting to explain the "Do This in Memory" programme. 



Do This in Memory is a parish based programme of preparation for First Communion centred in the parish celebration of the Sunday Eucharist and in the home.

The programme resources are designed to facilitate parents, families and the parishes’ active involvement in the preparation for the sacrament. The programme takes place once a month in the run up before First Communion and concludes during the parish celebration of the Feast of Corpus Christi.The programme will be initiated by inviting parents of first communion children to a meeting in each of the two schools in the parish to outline the programme to them and invite parent representatives to form a committee to organise and plan the programme for the year. Parental involvement is the key to the success of the programme.


Do this in Memory 

Mass Dates


Tuesday September 27th 2018 - Parents Meeting - 7.30pm (Parish Centre)

Sunday 14nd October 2018 - Enrolment Mass - 11am

Sunday 25th November 2018

Sunday 16th December 2018

Sunday 27th January 2019

Sunday 24th March 2019

Sunday 23rd June 2019


(All masses will take place in St Michaels Church, Blackrock at 11am)

Sacrament Dates:

Thursday 8th February – First Confession - 7.30pm

Saturday 18th May - First Holy Communion – 10.30am