1st Class B (2019-20)

Mr. Jolly's 1ST CLASS

CLASS OF 2019-2020 (B)


One for the Wall for sure. Great work Emily, excellent stuff!

Great Work Georgia! Eggcellent work hehe!

What a creative piece of Art by Bianka. Well done!


So here is what you need for the Celery Colour Dye experiment... 3 x Celery Sticks, Colour Dye, A Knife to cut of the base of the celery(make sure you get help from a Parent for this), and 2 glasses of water.

Put the colour dye in and add the cerely sticks. (I could only find one food dye, so I will try and get some later if I get out, as the more colours you have the better :) )

And to make it more interesting, you can get a 3rd Celery Stick and cut it from the bottom, up the middle, but not all the way to the top. Then place both bits of the stem in different coloured water...and see what happens!

Good Luck, Looking forward to seeing yer results :) 



Below we see Charlotte getting all her +10 Tables correct. Well done Charlotte. 

And a great idea to have some fun is to make a Jig-Saw puzzle. Charlotte using her time well below :)

And after all that hard work, its time to have some fun and rewards in the kitchen with her big sister Sally-Ann. 

Here is Julie's Procecural Writing below (How to make Lemonade). If you have time, why not try and make some too, Yummy Yum Yum! Really happy to see all your hard work Julie. Well done!


Happy April Fools Day everyone!

Our Easter Pictures have started to roll in. Keep them coming... They are beautiful and creative. 

Here is one from Bianka.

And one form Mary Kate.




Easter Week: YAY, The Blog is back, Woop Woop.

Thank you to everyone who sent me pictures of their work, and I am so delighted to here everyone is getting on so well. 

Here are just some of your pictures. Enjoy!

Here is some samples of Chloe's amazing work. Well done Chloe!

Here is some of Biank's amazing art work and showinig us she is thinking of us all. Thank you very much Bianka!

Here is Julie hard at work. Well done Julie, awesome stuff! 

Here is some Patrick's Day art work. Well done Georgia! And great work in your spelling test. You nearly got them all, but most importantly, you corrected, and practiced the one that you missed, so you will know it from now on. Well done, excellent Georgia!

Can you guess who this is???

If you guessed Alicja, you are wrong.... It's KAYLEIGH! Well done Kayleigh, Awesome Mask! Here is some creative St. Patrick's day art work also.

Here is Fia and her brother, staying active and healthy, and even cleaning the car. That is some positive work. Well done guys! 

Here is Ella getting stuck into to her Busy at Maths, before getting stuck into the beautiful cake she made for her mum on Mothers Day(below). Wow, looks delicious! Well done Ella!


This week, like every other week, was FULL of fun and activities. It was Engineers week after all. We learned about the different types of Engineering and learned that it is all around us, and extremely important. We got inspired when Ella Killeen's dad, Clifford, came in to tell us all about his company Arup, and his job as a Traffic Engineer. 

Below, we see Cliffird Killeen(Ella's dad), giving an amazing presentation about his work, which included working on the Mary Elmes Bridge in Cork City. He told us how they built it in sections, and had to sail it up the river with boats, and how they needed to time the tide just right so as they could get under the existing bridges. Then it was put together and put into place using two massive cranes on either side of the river. Amazing Engineering involved!

Then we got a chance to be Mini Engineers ourselves. We got to build stuff and play with LEGO/Duplo, Trains and Tracks, Marble Run, Magnets, Giant Jenga, and Bee Bots. Everyone really enjoyed themselves.

At the end of the week we got to visit the Engineering EXPO, where pupils from the senior classes designed all sorts of brilliant projects. Some of which included, a cataupult, popcorn and spagetti buildings, and even a roller coater! WOW! See below.

And of course all our other daily school activities, like Drama and Relationship and Health Education. Here the girls are acting out a scene where someone gets lost at the Cinema, and she has to figure out the correct thing to do in this situation to make sure she is safe.  

And here are our future Software Engineers in action ;) 


We were also shown a preview of the new Super Valu advert that was filmed in our school. Well done to all the people involved, and we can't wait to see our school and our friends on National Television. 

And we can't forget that St. Patricks Day is near. Here is our Pointillism Shamrocks to celebrate!

We go a chance to use the new school Ipads for Maths Class and had loads of fun. What a wonderful new Technology resourse.

Here are some of the amazingly impressive entries for the Pieta House Poster Competion, to promote Positive Mental Health. See below for some inspiration.

 This week was full of Surprises. We got a visit from Kay and Georgina from the Gardening Committee, and they made us heart shaped cookies that we got to decorate. Boy were we lucky!

Here are some of the 6th Class Poster Competition  Winners, and our overall winner on the right. Congratulations to Sarah Barry from 6th, with her slogan, "A smooth sea never made a strong sailor". Wise words... 

All the entries were so strong that they will be displayed over the walls of the school for the next few weeks to give everyone a chance to read the extremely positive messages in the Artwork :) Below are the winning entries from 1st Class to 6th.

The surprises continued with a visit from Bricks 4 Kidz. To celebrate Engineers week the girls got a chance to build part of a "Big Rig" (or Truck). The girls got the design and had to follow 10 steps to complete their moving lego construction. Check out the pictures below. 

And just when you though we couldn't have any more fun this week, we got yet ANOTHER SURPRISE. Yes, we got a visit from Ann Folds, who thught us all about how to reduce our use of plastic, and why this was very important. We are now all "Plastic Free Ambassadors", spreading the good word to reduce our reliance on plastic. 

And finally, BEEEEE Happy, Spring has Sprung!!!


What a few weeks we had, it was packed... The highlights include the Cake Sale that Ella from our Class won, the amazing Book Fair, Wellness Week, with Meditation Monday, Thankful Tuesday, Wellness Wednesday, Talk about it Thursday, and Fresh Air Friday, where we sang Try Everything by Shakira. We have to try everything in life to see what we like to do, and what we are good at, and if we fall, we get back up and try again. We had fun learning all about the history of Valentines Day and did Valentines Day art to celebrate.

Book Fair Fun

What a cool Harry Potter Cake to win, so lucky!

Wellness Week Activities!

And Valentines Day, YAY!!!


The Love made it all the way to the Staff Room, Yummy 'Love' Tea and biscuits. Mmmmm

As part pf Wellness Week we also raised much needed funds for Pieta House,and we also did a Poster Competion. There were some amazing entries with incredibly positive messages. Check them out here. 

Its Fun Friday again, and that means Golden Time (provided the girls have been good, which they have been again this week). Here they are extremely excited by a new bag of toys courtesy of a Mr. Jolly Spring clean. The toys now have a new life just like in Toy Story, YAY!

Watch this space for upcoming events. We have Catholic Schools Week, followed by Engineers week, followed by Wellness week, all before we break again for the February midterm...

As part of the Green Schools initiative the Committee made a display in the Halla, and it included a map of the world, and there was a pin placed in each country that a pupil from this school originally came from. Check out how multicultural we are at Beaumont. Truly amazing, and it makes for such a wonderful environment!

We are also continuing to stay fit and active with the return of our Irish Dancing, and this month we are focusing on our Gymnastics strand. Along with exploring direction, here are some of the balances we will be attempting. Not as easy as they look!



This time of year is also Chinese New Year, and we are learing about the 12 Chinese Zodiac Signs, and how they came about. This year is the year of the Rat. 

We decorated our class in celebration of this with Chinese Lanters. We use the Chinese symbol for "Peace", and painted the english word underneath. We then added Chinese Art to make them more colourful. They look wonderful I think you will agree. 

Charlotte was extremely kind and let us display her Chinese Collection, which included a Fan, a Komodo and a stylish Chinese dress, as well as a Calender with the Signs of the Zodiac on it. Yay!

This week we continued to enjoy our Walk on Wednesday, and we had lovely weather for it.




After a succesful run up to Christmas with a Reading Intervention and a continued Maths Intervention, the girls are back and ready to go. And their creative juices are flowing again... Check out our "Nocturnal Owl Babies"! Get ready for the cuteness overload!!!

WOW, what a month December was! Our trip to the Panto in Silver Springs, the performance of our own Christmas Nativity Play, the Garden Raffle, Carol singing in the Halla, and we decorated our tree with Snowmen that we made. We also made beautiful Winter scenes using chalk, and had a wonderful visit from the Parents Commitee who brought yummy Hot Chocolate with Marchmallows... Here are pictures of the highlights for December. Oh, and dont forget, a visit from the man himself, Santa! WOW. (Pics of Nativity Play to follow) What an EPIC month!

The Panto... Look out behind you!!!

We added to our Amber Flag wall. (Steps to help us relolve conflict) Try this at home also :)

Our amazing Snowmen decorations :)

Our Winter Wonder Lands.


Carol Singing!

Eagerly awaiting the man himself, Santa!



We even got to perform one of our Nativity songs for Santa. It was incredable.

The Garden Raffle. Oh the Excitment... But we didn't win :( but lots of money was raised for our magnificent Garden :) 

Finding out about 3-D shapes with Miss Morley for Maths.

Christmas Time! YAYYYYYYY! 

Here is our tree! (What happened Santa?)

And Santa's washing line...

And we have recently stated a new Healty Food initiative called "Food Dudes" where we get rewarded for eating fruits and vegatables with Stickers and Prizes. Yummy Yum Yum!

We also got our Christmas Cards back and they are fantastic!. Well done everyone. 

We are really looking forward to decorating our class for Christmas, and we have been practicing really hard for our upcoming Chrismas Musical Nativity. We can't wait for you all to see it. We will be performing it on Friday the 13th of December. 

There is alot to look forward to in the month of December. One of the highlights will be the visit to the Christmas Panto on the 11th. 

Today we had a visit from the winning St. Micheals Hurlers. Well done to them and well done to the girls of Beaumont who gave them the loudest " Hip hip, Hurray!" that i ever did hear. Hopefully our ears will be better by the New Year!!!

Back after our midterm break(November), and what a busy time... Science Week, our Cake Sale, and we are coming into the Christmas period. (We made Christmas penguins to celebrate)

Have a look at some of our amazing experiments, specifically the hot and cold water one, where we put blue cold water and red hot water together and recorded our results. When the hot water was at the bottom the water mixed, but when the hot water was on top it did not. This is due to the density of the hot water and cold water being different. Check out the results!!!

Hot and cold water...

Hot on top of Cold (Doesn't mix)

cold on top of hot... (Mixes and goes purple)


Some Science Fair Photos...


And an incredable visit from Tony Baloney, the mad scientist...


And our Epic Cake Sale!!! MMMMmmmmmmmmmm!!!



...and more cakes!

Check out our 'cooooool' penguins in their Winter Gear. 


(Late October).... Check out our beautiful Self Portraits!

HALLOWEEN!!!! This last week before Halloween was a busy one. We have been doing lots of Halloween activities. And not only that, we got a sneak preview of some of the Christmas Cards. I think you will agree they are amazing! Well done girls!

Also a few weeks back we celebrated Tree Week, and here are our Autumn Trees.

We did some Spooky Experiments in Science this week. We made BUBBLING CAULDRONS, by mixing Bicarbonate of soda with Vinegar, for an Explosive combination. It was scary but exciting stuff!!


And the Giant one ....

We performed once again this week, last week we performed "When I'm 64" and "You've got a friend in me" for our Grandparents, and this week we performed "Try Everything" for the Lord Mayors Visit. Well done to all!!!

This week we celebrated the always anticipated Grandparents Day. It was brilliant to se everyone so happy and proud of each other. The smiles and enthusiasm were infectious and it was great to meet everyone. 

The class wrote and decorated cards and wrote a poem in them:


Ganny and granddad are everything nice,

Like presents and candy and everything nice,

In winter or summer, in rain or in sun,

Grandparents are wonderful fun!!!

 This week we also had great fun decorating our room for Halloween. And the Ghost of Mr. Jolly even made an appearance. Scary Stuff .... ooooooooooohhhhhhh!

This week was Space week and we celebrated this by learning about gravity, specifically that if there was none we would float off into space. Yikes! 

We also carried out a successful Fire Drill and we will now know exactly what to do in the event of an emergency. After this we relaxed by checking out the new bug hotel that Miss Teahan's senior infants made. It helped to take our minds off the dangers of fires (and drifting off to Space!...) 

We are aiming to get an Amber Flag for the school this year. This is run in partnership with Pieta House and it is is designed to "promote positive mental health". This is something that I am extremely passionate about, and so far we have taken part in Crazy Sock day, where everyone wore different socks to celebrate our diversity. There will be alot more fun activities like this planned for later in the year so watch this space :) 

Every day we do our movement break at 12pm, and after that we relax by meditating for 5 minutes. Our goal is to check in with how we are feeling, between 1 and 10, and then to do a Meditation exercise. Then, we check in with ourselves again to see if our mood/feeling has improved. Each day the results have been amazing and inspiring. With just 5 minutes we can feel much better and are ready to go back to work focused! (Also every Wednesday we do GAA with John Holly from St. Micheals, and Irish dancing on Fridays with Niamh-Marie)

 On the 27th of September, we took part in European School Sports Day. We went Irish dancing, went on a Nature walk, and took part in running races. It was great fun and we got loads of exercise. See Below. 

It has been great to get to know everyone and we learned that we are all Unique, and that this is very important. Otherwise life would be very 'boring' and 'strange'. We celebrated our uniqueness by learning about our community and all those in it, and we represented our uniqueness, by making our unique hand impression in clay, and painting it what ever way we wanted :) We also showed that we were "happy to be me"... Have a look :) 


Our theme for the year is the story of "The Pig of Happiness". The Pig of Happiness is sooooo happy, that his happiness leaks out to all those around them. He has no time for the mumbling and grumbling of normal life. Just like us !!! Here are our Pigs of Happiness...


Here are Mr. Jolly's Stars, from Awesome Aisling to Teddybear Tiana :) 

Welcome to Mr. Jolly's Frist Class Blog... Keep an eye out for posts to inform you as to what our class has been up to :)