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2nd Class Ms O Neill (2020-21)

 Welcome to Mrs. O'Neill's Second Class!


Hello and welcome to Second Class 2020-2021.  Please check back with us regularly to see all the wonderful work and fun activities we will be doing throughout the school year.  We hope you enjoy our class blog!


Things to Remember in 2nd Class

Tracksuit Days: Wednesdays and Fridays

Healthy Lunchboxes with at least one piece of fruit for Fruit Break

Test Copies: Signed and returned each Friday


Easter Surprise

It was great to celebrate Easter with a surprise Easter Egg Hunt around the school and "eggcellent" Easter Chick paintings to make everyone feel "chirpy".  Happy Easter to all our families in Second Class!

                                      20210326 113544

                                                20210326 134041

                                     20210326 113853

                                    20210326 113812

                                     20210326 113459

                                     20210326 113707

                                     20210325 121443

                                     20210324 115142

                                     20210324 115203

                                     20210324 115217

                                     20210324 115258

                                     20210325 120817

                                    20210325 121013

                                    20210325 121209

                                    20210325 121400


Our Mini St. Patrick's Day Parade Around Our School

                                     20210316 121106

                                                         20210316 121214

                                    20210316 215305

                                     20210316 120532 


Artwork for the South Infirmary Vaccination Corridor

We wanted to make bright drawings with messages of hope and encouragement for a temporary corridor to the vaccination centre in the South Infirmary Victoria University Hospital.  We hope they will make people smile when they are are going to get vaccinated.


                                                                     IMG 20210301 WA0003

                                    20210303 095812 Copy

                                    20210303 115816

                                     20210303 141021


Engineer's Week

For Engineer's Week, we were presented with a S.T.E.A.M. challenge to construct our very own "Crazy Creature" using recyclable materials and some art supplies.  As you can see, we all rose to the challenge!

                                    20210305 162155

                                    20210305 124714

                                   20210305 133234

                                      20210305 132345

                                      20210305 132537 

                                     20210305 132959

                                    20210305 133024

                                   20210305 133711

                                    20210305 134435


                                   20210305 134651

                                    20210305 152509

                                      20210305 152549

                                      20210305 152636

                            20210305 153002        20210305 152849


World Book Day

It was lovely to celebrate World Book Day 2021 with a special Zoom from Tom Gates' author and illustrator Liz Pichon.  She spoke to us about her hugely popular book series and taught us all how to doodle like Tom Gates!  We also came to school dressed as our favourite book characters and read some of our favourite books - can you guess which characters we are?!

                                     20210301 104310


      20210301 102721      20210301 103115

      20210301 102738    20210301 105118

     20210301 105101   20210301 105140

     20210301 105223  20210301 105145

                                     20210304 135437

                                     20210304 135512

                                     20210304 135534

                                     20210304 135545


Santa Claus Visits Beaumont

It simply wouldn't be Christmas without the stylish arrival of Mr. Claus in Beaumont!  Happy Christmas to you all from all the girls in Second Class!











Bringing Christmas Cheer With Our Christmas Art













Christmas Zoom Assembly

Our very first and very festive whole school Zoom Asssembly was a huge success this year!  We thoroughly enjoyed performing our Christmas poems for our friends in the other classes throughout the school, as well as delighting them with a beautiful performance by Julie on her cello.  A big thank you again to Julie for entertaining us all with her wonderful musical talents!








Christmas Trees

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas in our class.  We created stunning Christmas Art this week drawing Christmas Trees using chalk pastels, sugar paper and white paint.







Letters To Our Loved Ones

It was so lovely to write letters to our loved ones who we have not seen for some time in class today.  Our plan is to surprise them with these at Christmas!






S.T.E.A.M Project - "Constructing Teepees"

We worked closely with our partners this week to figure out how to construct teepees using just masking tape, clingfilm, elastic bands, garden sticks and our own ingenuity.  The results were fantastic!














Science Week 2020

To celebrate Science Week our class were tasked with a S.T.E.A.M Challenge, to work with our partners to plan, design and construct a house for the future using a variety of materials and our imagination.  Here are the amazing results...












Science Week 2020 - Experiment: Exploring Static Electricity

In our second experiment we tested to see if the static electricity we created from balloons and fibres could move or lift a variety of materials.








Tropical Birds

After exploring many animals and birds of the rainforest this week, we decided to make our own colourful tropical bird creations.  They definitely brighten up our school corridors on a cold November day!









Scavenger Hunt

We had lots of fun searching for Púca tokens hidden in our beautiful school garden today.  Once everyone had found a token we traded them in for treats at the end of the school day.  It was such an exciting way to kick of our Midterm Break!







A big congratulations to our lucky winners Mary Kate and Kayleigh, who won the Halloween Hamper and Runner's Up Prize this year thanks to our wonderful Parents Association!



 Halloween Fun

We hope you like our spooky bat etchings and Day of the Dead skeleton masks that we worked on in class to celebrate Halloween this year.  They turned out fangtastic!







Nature Walks

When the weather is this beautiful we love to go on Nature Walks, to breathe in some fresh air and take in the signs of Autumn all around us.








Space week

Not only did we learn all about our Solar System this week, but we also watched lots of clips of astronaut Dr. Chris Hadfield from the Canadian Space Agency, who showed us what it is like to sleep, eat, cry and brush your teeth in space.  It was so fascinating we felt inspired to create our own galaxy using chalk pastels, white paint and black sugar paper.  The results are out of this world!











Autumnal Trees

We are all so hugely proud of how our stunning Autumn Trees' paintings turned out.  They really capture the sense and colours of Autumn.  We hope you love them as much as we do!











After a whole class brainstorming session, we pieced together our ideas and feelings about Autumn into lovely pieces of creative-writing.  Here is just a sample of the wonderful writing in class!







 Rockies Abú

Well it looks like the fantastic effort the girls made on Friday, by wearing green and gold to support The Rockies in the County Final has paid off!  Huge congratulations lads! Rockies Abú! 






European School Sports Day

This year we celebrated European School Sports Day by dropping everything and dancing along to some Go Noodle dance activities in class.  We definitely felt energised and ready to take on the day.






Painting Abstract Landscapes

Check out our beautiful A3 Abstract paintings of landscapes, inspired by the artist Ted Harrison.






Cork Bike Week

What a fantastic day we had cycling and scooting around our school yards in participation of our school event for Cork Bike Week.  We even created and completed our own bicycle obstacle track to showcase our super cycling and scooting skills.  We had so much fun!








We really enjoyed sketching and drawing self-portraits during our Visual Arts lesson today.  They turned out so great that we even had to frame them!  Each one unique, beautiful and special just like us. 







   We are all so happy to be back with our friends once again as we face an exciting year ahead! 

20200920 112653    




We are already busy practising our reading in the Computer Room after receiving our Second Class codes for Reading Eggs.





Football and Fundamental Movement

We are really enjoying the return of Football and Fundamental Movement in the fresh September air with our coach Mr. Holly.









Irish Dancing





Skipping Workshop

Our class had so much fun taking part in an outdoor skipping workshop where we learned and practised some new skipping skills and techniques.







Frozen Pictures

We really enjoy making Frozen Pictures of some of our favourite Fairytales in Drama.  It is very hard remaining statue still when you can't stop giggling!  Can you guess which famous fairytales we are re-creating in our groups?